Hi, I’m Frankie, I’m a ceramic artist based on the east coast of England.  I work in a spontaneous fashion inspired by the colours and textures of the natural world.

I’m passionate about art, creativity, travel and life in general.

I sell only hand made, original, unique, works of art for everyday use and am happy to take commissions.

Please feel free to email me with any questions. To check out any upcoming projects, follow my instagram @frankieceramics and share the love.


'Taking Colour for a Walk' at Eastcliff House, Mistley - 19th - 22nd August 2021

'...and Breathe' at The Pond Gallery, Snape Maltings - 23rd - 29th September 2021

'FEAST' Art for Cure at the Ballroom Arts Gallery, Aldeburgh - 25th -28th September 2021